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Born in Shizuoka city in 1955.

Graduated from Nagoya University. Doctor of Science.

Inspired by the discharge phenomena of a Spark Chamber when I was working on the graduation thesis, I decided to come to the field of Plasma Physics.

Studied "Microwave Plasma production" and "Plasma Confinement by Surface Magnetic Field" under Professor Susumu Takeda at the graduate school.

Belonged to the Nagoya Bumpy Torus Group as a doctor course student in the Institute of Plasma Physics. Involved in active diagnostics, such as "Heavy Ion Beam Probe" and "Neutral Beam Probe", and studied "The Potential Formation in the Plasma". "The Control of Plasma Potential by RF Field" was also our work. In relation to the Plasma Diagnostics, I have joined the development of "Atomic & Molecular Database"

Research staff of Institute of Quantum Science since 1986.

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E-mail: takasugi@phys.cst.nihon-u.ac.jp